The "Hunt for National Treasure" Seaboard Edition is an online Scavenger Hunt that is open to everyone, however only Master Masters in good standing are able eligible for prizes as the answers must be presented prior to the start of our Stated Communication. You do not need to be a member of Seaboard 56 or the 33rd / 34th Masonic Districts to participate. All Masons are eligible and encouraged to partake. Again, you must be present at the Stated Communication in order to claim your prize. Not a Mason or your unable to make it, give it a shot anyway. You can't claim the prize but we'll let you know how you did. The prizes will vary from hunt to hunt.  Click on the link or button below for the current scavenger hunt. Print out the questions and an answer sheet. Record the answers on the sheet and turn it into our Junior Warden prior to the lodge doors being closed. The correct answers will be posted after the results have been shared. 

Join the Hunt for

National Treasure